Your Website Must Hit These 6 Design Targets If You Want To Succeed

You can’t just slap up a website these days. It’s unlikely it will be good enough to succeed because the competition is so fierce. Design is very important and there are some targets that need to be met. Take a look at some of the things your website design must do if you want to stand the best chance of becoming an online success.

Don’t make anyone think

When someone lands on a website you want to make everything as easy as possible for them because it means they don’t need to think. If they don’t need to think they will enjoy their experience and they will come back. The biggest mistake most people make is incorrectly labeling things because they try to make them sound too exciting. Just use labels everyone will understand and they will know what to click on.

They can’t lose their patience

Unless a website is small it’s not going to be perfect. People won’t be able to find what they’re looking for. Some things will be in the wrong place. Other things won’t stand out enough and they will be hard to spot. The important thing is not that the site is perfect, but that it is good enough to stop people from losing their patience. If visitors start getting annoyed they won’t come back because they will know what a terrible experience they’re letting themselves in for.

One page, one goal

Each page on a website should have one specific purpose and it will help achieve different goals. If someone is selling a product they shouldn’t link out to another site. Why would anyone want to send their traffic away on a page where they could be making money? You don’t want to ask someone to follow you on Twitter when you’re trying to get them to sign up to your email list. If each page has one goal I guarantee you will see better results.

Effective copy

Has anyone ever told you that a picture paints a thousand words? In web design, a few words can make you thousands of dollars. More than any picture could, so you have to make sure you learn a little copywriting. You will need to incorporate words into the design and by choosing the wrong ones you could be throwing away money. Once you have a basic understanding of copywriting you will see much better results.

Communicate effectively

You need to communicate with the readers and this means they should understand everything very clearly. Your headlines should be a different size from the text on each page. You should use a different font for your sub-headlines because it will break each article up into easily digestible chunks. The background color should complement the text instead of making it impossible to read. Look through everything and make sure it’s easy to understand.

Try to build trust

Most websites have a job to do. They must convince people to spend money and the only way they can do that effectively is by getting people to trust them. The design of a website can go some way towards building that trust. Any website hoping to earn money must look like it’s had money spent on it. The design needs to look professional enough to convince someone to enter their credit card details and that is not always easy.

Once you get it right

If you can accomplish everything we’ve talked about today your website will look great. You can pat yourself on the back because you’re a special designer. Most of these things will take work, so if you can’t get them right at the moment you should go away and practice.

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This post is authored by Kevin Flintoff, a frequent blogger and a technology enthusiast. He is one of the top web designers in CT and has a lot of interest in knowing how designs affect the success of a website.