What On Earth Is Unified Messaging – Find Out Now!

Unified messaging is one of the most recent advancements in the communication industry. Since the advent of high speed internet and cheapest long distance calling, more and more companies are coming to the surface to offer their services and products to the consumers and make the most of these latest technologies. As a result consumers are able to use high-end devices and applications that make their day-to-day operations much easier and efficient.

Unified messaging has taken the world of telecommunication by a storm. It allows the voice mails, emails, SMS and faxes to be sent and received from one platform, which makes it a perfect solution for both corporate and personal use. For busy people, these systems can surely work as a personal secretary and help them get the work done much more quickly and perfectly.

With only one Unified Messaging ID, your customers and colleagues can get in touch with you all the time and send and receive information in a variety of formats to make their point clear, which saves tons of time and make room for you to focus on other matters.

If the user is unable to respond to a call, the system`s virtual secretary function will take the voice message and deliver it to you in an email or any other format that you have set up. Some Unified messaging systems come with separate email accounts that can be accessed through the device as well as through the web, where all your files and messages are saved for future references. You can also receive your voice mails and messages on your mobile phone for quick retrieval.

The good thing is that the device can send and receive Faxes as well on the same ID which completely eliminates the use of separate Fax machines in office or home. Like voicemails, you can receive the Fax in your email or read it through your mobile phone and print it later. Though some unified messaging systems offer dedicated ID for sending and receiving Fax just in case the business wants to have a separate Fax number. But the physical location where the fax is saved remains the same, even if you opt for a separate Fax Number.

Different Service Providers Offer Different Options, Some Of The Distinguished Options Are:

1-Call Forwarding – This allows the receiver to forward a call to any other mobile phone number if he/she is not willing to receive the call at that moment.

2-Fax Feature – This is the primary feature that eliminates the need of having a separate fax machine for business purpose.

3-Message Broadcasting – This feature enables you to broadcast your message to a number of people simultaneously. This not only saves heaps of time, but cost as well.

Unified messaging is not only suitable for large companies, but small companies and even home based business owners can avail this great system to make their business run more smoothly. That too at a very low cost, the advantages unified messaging systems bring to you make it a very cost effective solution.

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