Ways to Gain Targeted Traffic Using QDF

Today ranking within the SERPs for competitive keyword has become tough. Literally more than 200 signals constitute in ranking a site within Google. Interestingly some signals are stronger than others are and can be used to dominate the SERPs. The most commonly used signals is links. However, in this post I shall throw light on QDF (Query Deserves Freshness) for gaining Higher SERPs.

What is QDF?

Google has a policy to show the freshest content to their readers. The reason is that fresh content is updated and are more relevant to the readers. Therefore, if you wrote a product review then there is a fair amount of chance that it will rank higher than other reviews for some time.

Note: When you are targeting for higher SERPs through QDF the created content does not stay higher

Here is the Strategy for ranking higher using QDF:

Select a Particular Micro Niche:

Using a micro niche for this strategy makes things easier. After you have chosen your micro niche, heed over to Google Keyword Tool. Sign in and type the product name. For instance, you have chosen a diet pill niche then type in the name of the diet pill. Avoid ad grouping and go the old-fashioned way. You will see a list of keywords containing product name. Jot them down and in any order.

Content creation:

Generally, you must have several hundred keywords. If the product is new then you can have some tens of keywords. No matter what write a short post for every keyword. Generally, I prefer writing 350 words. If I run out of ideas, the post barely touches 200 words. The length does matter but we are concentrating on QDF. Therefore, forget about the length and write the post as per your wish.

Including Images:

Including images will help with conversion. Search engines love images especially Google. In every post, I include two images, one in the beginning and one in the end. Images within your post will boost ranking.

Uploading of Posts:

You need to upload daily because that is the trick. Moreover, a single post/day will not help. You need to upload a minimum of three posts per day. If you have enough time and you can upload more than it’s accepted. In fact, the more posts you upload daily the more chances of showing up in SERPs.

What will Happens Next?

Traffic won’t seem to appear for a week or so. Google needs to ensure that you upload on a daily basis. Once it has been confirmed by Google the robots start visiting your site daily or even on an hourly basis. Finally, your post being on a similar product will bring in readers interested in the product. You can highlight various affiliate links of the product within your sidebar, which will help with conversion. Finally, you will have targeted readers earning some easy cash.


Beula Dsouza in an Internet Marketer. As a passion she reviews products like pregnancy miracle, google sniper and various other products.