different types of programmers

Eight different types of programmers

different types of programmersProgrammers bear a reputation for being the peculiar people of IT. But! Every field has professionals of different sorts, same goes to the development community.Below are some types of coders you will encounter in your office’s IT department.

Which one are you?

  1. The Slapdash

The one who is quick to understand and debug the problems. Code quality is never the concern and they will never fix indentation errors on the code of other programmers. They are determined to fix problems, even if they have to use the duct tape.

These programmers can actually write great code now and then and is happy when others refactor their code for her – provided that, it works just as greatlater on. The whole software can get out of order if the slapdash leaves. Turnaround time is always fasters than one can expect. Managers and customers, both like them.

  1. Mister Detail-Oriented

S/he mostly plays the role of a problem-solver, but always missthat one thing or code which makes the whole feature sloppy or useless. These developers dig deeper into the code that the end-results get out of focus.

At first, such coders look great, as they point out a wide range of items in their “to-do” list, but you will be greatly disappointed since every issue has to be opened again. They are good at completing assigned task on time. You can team them up with the slapdash for better results.

  1. The Rewriter

It’s against their principals to leave a code untouched that can be refactored. No matter how unimportant or irrelevant is a codebase’s part, if it can be refactored, they will spend all time on Earth on it. For them solving the actual problems is less important rewriting the codes.

QA staff be jealous of their test suite. They can exceed the deadline due to their uncontrollable craving for rewriting. Give them a PHP and MySQL project, they will rewrite it using Go with a NoSQL database and run towards you asking what error they were supposed to fix.

  1. The Perfectionist

They are not much different from The Rewriter, but they want every line of their code to be perfect. They are investing a copious amount of time, even and even weeks on honing the functional codes that take just a couple of minutes for the Slapdash, but the finalized code is a fine piece of perfection.

They cannot stand mistake and can easily get frustrated when working on other’s codes written by anyone else. Never ask them for reviews about your code. Time and deadline never matter to them when it comes to writing a perfect code.

  1. The Transformer

They cannot resist getting their feet wet with new editors, frameworks, tools, languages and even keyboards. They are so passionate about trying out the last of the latest. They can even spend weeks on a setup, just to alter something—a function, entire app or only a line of code—better the next day (which is a good thing).

No one can assess their coding quality because they never complete any project. Yet! They are always busy experimenting the new stuff.

They can make a great team with The Rewriter.

  1. The ctrl C, ctrl-V coder

Against all odds, these developers end up getting their job. Extremely thankfulto higher powers daily for the backups and code versioning systems, these copy-paste coders breaks two fold of the things they are intended to fix.

These species like fixing things in the production environments, as their local development copy always misfires. They like spending most of their days on the Stack Overflow.

  1. The Ninja

You can find these coders always cutting corners to live up to deadlines. Such a person is one of the most productive employees of the office as she constantly brings s new features to the table, but leaves a collection of undocumented, untested code that she won’t even remember them a month later.

Eventually, she probably creates more problems than she solves but is great for keeping deadlines and shipping stuff early. Checks in all your secret API-key in your open source project on GitHub, because that was the quickest and simplest solution.

Does not comply with The Perfectionist but creates a lot of work for The Rewriter.

  1. The Open-Source Wizard

These coders are the knights in shining armor in the field of IT. Every company dream of them, but only few can afford. They are a true wizard with a magic wand powered with expertise, adeptness, and proficiency.

You can find them at the programming conferencesattentively sitting — when they are not addressing the attendees. They are a helping hand for the noobs on the Stack Overflow. These developers have more than 10 famous repositories and a crowd of pushes on the GitHub.

It is hard to find such variety of designers in one place. However, the firms belonging to the software developments services in UAE have a panel full of veteran and expert professionals. The more versatile your workplace is, the more productivity you can be sure to generate. Hope you have enjoyed reading it. Let me know if you other types as well and do not forget to mention which category you fall into.