Twitter Streams To Learn About Wine

Wine is certainly one of the harder things to sell online, after all wineries allow people to come into their facilities and taste their wines before trying to sell them bottles, or wine club memberships. For that reason wine also doesn’t always work as well as other things on social media. Twitter though is home to a burgeoning wine culture where you can find a range of information as well as people who work in the industry and are happy to answer your wine related questions.


Hosted every Wednesday night, winechat offers a different range of topics on a weekly basis. From information on wine clubs to sponsored tasting’s from different wine growing regions, winechat is one of the most innovative and interesting ways to learn about wine. One thing that makes winechat unique among wine tastings on Twitter is when it is organized by a specific wine growing region, which then provides samples to bloggers. A recent example came from the Santa Barbara Vintners Association, which shipped six wines from six different wineries to ten different wine bloggers. The result, in my opinion at least, was some good press for everyone in the Santa Barbara County wine scene, but especially for those wineries who won’t miss the six bottles of wine in the least. It’s a great marketing move for those wineries, while it cost them all of about $50 or so to make that wine.


I think Pete might have borrowed the idea from #winechat, given his west coast version of things has pretty much the same set up and handles the same 6-7pm time period-but it occurs on Thursday which for whatever reason, seems to draw a larger crowd than does Tuesday’s #winechat given the relative newness of #vinochat. It’s fun to chat about the west coast wineries especially simply because there are more people out there on Twitter these days that have been to Napa Valley than have been to an obscure growing region in France, right? It makes it a livelier discussion to be sure.


The only day time wine chat that runs on a regular schedule, #Sommchat runs at noon eastern on Wednesday, which makes it an interesting time for me to open a bottle of wine here in San Francisco (that’s 9am, but I’m a professional). While I have some issues with Somm’s and the way wines are selected (a sense of place in my opinion can be over done, we want vintners and winemakers to have as much freedom as possible in each vintage and for each winery they work with) but the amount of knowledge about he world wine trade can’t be touched elsewhere.

As you can see, there are numerous chances to take part in a variety of chats on Twitter about wine. As you also might expect, some night’s are simply better and more interesting than others. You can also find a good number of wine related chatters every week during the large number of foodie or cooking chats which take place.

Mark Aselstine is the owner of Uncorked Ventures, an online wine business based in San Francisco.