Trulia: A Success Story In Mobile Monetization

In the realm of mobile monetization, there are a few general issues that many people might have. Naturally, there’s a highly saturated market that can seem to drown out any new voices. This is true for virtually any platform that you might use as an app developer. But, even app popularity doesn’t necessarily translate into app monetization. It’s still possible to have a highly visible app without receiving any compensation for it. Even smaller app developers can end up making effective use of mobile monetization techniques.

Indeed, the real estate aggregator, Trulia, has made a concerted effort toward adequate mobile monetization. Trulia has had a mobile presence for some time now, but they really started their mobile monetization push in May 2012. Trulia’s main function is as a real estate search engine, but it had really focused on desktop computing prior to May 2012. Of course, in September of that year, the company went public and has been reaping the benefits since then. But, much of Trulia’s success can be attributed to a mobile monetization campaign. In fact, 20% of the website’s user traffic comes from the Trulia mobile apps.

If Trulia is any indication, then it’s clear that mobile apps are going to play a major role in how companies make money in the near future. It’s just that most companies don’t have Trulia’s track record. Even so, this is an example of mobile monetization done right. As more and more companies make it into the mobile playing field, it will be interesting to see how well their monetization methods pan out.

For independent developers, monetization techniques often have to take on more limited budgetary restrictions. For adequate Android app monetization, it’s impossible to sort of live on an island. You need to get your name out there and it can be tough to do that without a little help. Obviously, social media can be of some assistance in these cases, but you’ll need other forms of marketing to truly maximize your monetization efforts.

One way to do that is by making an independent network with other app developers. This is something that essentially provides for cross promotion between different apps from different developers. You get to advertise your app on their app and vice versa. It’s an easy way to accumulate downloads and start monetizing your apps efficiently. You can then return the favor for any of the other developers’ apps.

Of course, for every Trulia, there are a hundred unsuccessful app startups. Effective monetization is the goal of virtually any Android app developer, but it is not going to be easy. It takes dedication, perseverance, and sometimes a little luck for you to stand out among the crowded field of contenders.

Martin Blackman is an Android app developer from Australia. He has created more than 20 apps and offers advice on the Android app market.