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Software Development Consultant

In today’s highly technological world, it is important for most people to have a certain amount of computer knowledge. Whether you are looking to find work as a web developer, or are simply looking to gain important knowledge on a variety of web applications and software programs in order to build your resume and have the much needed computer experience that a variety of employers require, there are simple, short-term software development courses that you can take online that will teach you everything from software basics to development of applications and web pages.

Life Cycle ES 2.5 Training

This detailed course is taught in six separate sections. Designer Specialist, Process Management Specialist Workshop, Document Output Specialist, Developing a Live Cycle Application, Introduction to Digital Signatures, and Introduction to Rights Management. Students will learn about a variety of computer applications, as well as how they are implemented in various business. Additionally, students will learn about electronic signatures and the legalities of various electronically submitted business documents. Courses can be taken online, where students are able to participate in real time classroom discussions, experiencing a realistic classroom atmosphere.

Android Mobile App Development

With the continual evolution of Smartphones and multimedia devices, taking a course in mobile app development is definitely a good idea for every developer. This course teaches the student all they need to know about software development by using the Android SDK. Additionally, this innovative training program teaches software and app developers how to utilize the various tools that Android offers. Students can easily sign up for and take this course online, participating in live discussions with their instructor and fellow classmates.

Apple iOS Training Courses

With the iPhone and iPad being at the height of their popularity, this is a perfect course for anyone looking to get started in the innovative world of Apple programming, using the Apple iOS SDK. Programmers learn how to stay on top of the ever-changing, ever-growing, Apple Empire, using all the tools that the iOS SDK has to offer. Students can take this course from the comfort of their home computers, participating in real-time discussions and live interactions with their instructor.

A World of Opportunity

Whether you are in need of a few brush up courses in order to stay on track with the latest software applications, or you are someone that is looking to get back into the workforce and feel that an extensive knowledge of computer software and applications will help you secure employment, there are a variety of courses available to meet your computer software education needs. Courses are taught by professional software development consultants, and they are generally short term in length, allowing for extra convenience.

It is never too late to learn a new skill, and with the constant advancements in computer technology, it is always a good idea to stay as up to date as possible on the latest and greatest software developments. These courses are interesting and convenient, and they open up the door to a world of opportunities in the computer industry.

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