Top 8 Photo Editing Applications For Great Printing And Photo Organization

Most households today have digital cameras to capture memorable events like vacations and other occasions. For a long time, people took photos that remained unviewed in the cameras as the only way to have them developed was by using professional printers. Home photo printers are more affordable and have now become popular equipment for those who love to take photos.

Thus, many people are printing their photos conveniently at home. This has led to the demand for software to help in photo editing and organization. The following easy-to-use programs help to edit images and keep them organized.

1.       Apple iPhoto

This easy to use program is very convenient for creating professional looking photos. If you buy an Apple computer, it comes with the iLife. You can, however, also get the program separately to use with other computers. The program is quite inexpensive and it helps you to automatically adjust the settings on the photos and organize them for easy viewing. With the program, you will not have to go through all the images to locate specific photos.

2.       IrfanView

This is a free program created for Windows operating systems. Using the program, you can carry out simple edits on the images. All the manipulation you need for your family photos to make them look professional is possible. The IrfanView program offers you several options when you want to open and print the photos. You can access tutorials and support that will help you in the process.

3.       Picasa

Picasa is another free program created for Windows operating systems. The program allows you to edit photos, and print downloads. You can manage all your photos conveniently by creating web albums that make it easy to share the photos. You can share the images with your friends and family from any location because they can view the albums online.

4.       Adobe Photoshop

The full features available with Photoshop CS2 require more expertise to operate but they are fun for lovers of photography. If you are a beginner, the online tutorial will allow you to use the program without too much difficulty. A free trial version will help you to hone your Photoshop skills. Available for both Mac and Windows, you can fix your photos and create interesting photocompositions. The program gives you access to superior resolution options and you can print photos of top quality on either glossy or matte photo papers.

5.       Roxio PhotoSuite

This Windows program offers several features that will give you different options for editing your photos. You can use the program to manipulate your photos until you get the best image. You can even choose to use the images to create calendars, which can make great gifts for all your friends and family. Roxio PhotoSuite has a feature that allows you to burn the photo albums onto DVD copies that you can update at will.

6.       Serif PhotoPlus

Another great program for the amateur photographer is Serif PhotoPlus. This free program allows you to edit your photos; correcting any errors and making them look great. You can print the photos or share them with your friends and family. Created for Windows platforms, the program is user-friendly and it provides many options for both the beginner and the advanced user. Access to tips and reviews helps to ensure that you get the best results.

7.       Ulead PhotoImpact

If you want to use your holiday photos on greeting cards, Ulead PhotoImpact is a convenient and affordable option. The program is easy to use making it convenient for the novice, but more experienced users will also appreciate the features. The program makes it easy to print photos either at home or through professionals. The program offers free support and tutorials that make it easy to use.

8.       Foto Finish

If you want to edit your photos to give them the professional quality, you can invest in FotoFinish. The paid program offers a free 30-day trial period that will allow you to get enough practice before you embark on the quality printing. Whether you want to use the photos in compositions on the web or you want to print photos that look like they are professionally developed, this program is what you need.

There are other useful programs that allow you to edit and print your photos conveniently. They can turn your amateur efforts into professional quality turning your photos into highly sought-after keepsakes. Other programs you can try out include Paint.NET and GIMP or GNU Image Manipulation Program.

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