Top 10 Cool Smart Phone Lawyer Apps For Professional Attorneys

Law profession is very dynamic and requires a lot of documentation, systematic filling, capturing files, time tracking, referencing and sharing information with partners working in collaboration with the lawyer or clients under the service of the lawyer. Responding well to these needs and in an attempt to make such information and services handy, App designers have unleashed Smartphone lawyer apps which have really revolutionized the legal profession.

Some of these Apps tend to act in favor of the client. Clients’ documents are effectively handled, information is shared with utmost convenience and accurate time tracking ensures that clients do not pay an extra penny that their attorney had not worked for.

However, picking the best Smartphone Lawyer Apps may not be an easy thing as it may sound. The Apps differ significantly in their subscription pricing, features and capabilities and most of them are version specific to certain Smartphones.
Here is a detailed account on the top 10 Cool Smart Phone Lawyer Apps and their features:-

i) DroidLaw App
The DroidLaw App runs on Android 2.0.1 and later versions. It’s a free reference-based App that features Federal Laws of Civil Procedure, Federal Laws of Appellate procedure, Federal Laws of Evidence, Federal laws of Bankruptcy Procedure and Federal Laws of Criminal Procedure. A paid-up version of the same additionally provides the US constitution add-on.

ii) FastCase App
FastCase App is an iPhone App that helps attorneys locate specific cases from their piled up compilations through a mechanism that effectively filters and searches results based on citation, natural language as well as by keyword. A registered account additionally attracts document saving and search history privileges over the free version of the same.

iii) Attorney Time Keeper App
This App is majorly designed for Android 1.5 and its later versions. Ideally, it captures client call time and any other billable time, and uses a preset billing rate to compute the attorney’s total earnings. The App also supports processing of captured information into spreadsheets and invoices for easier case management.

iv) Cam Scanner App
The Cam Scanner App is designed to run on both iOS and Android 3.1 or later versions. This App helps the lawyer capture documents and processes them into PDF formats which are easily transferable and convenient for documentation.

v) LogMeIn Ignition App
Even though Smartphones are handier than the office PCs, their use cannot completely cut off the use of the laptops and other PCs. With the LogMeIn App, users are able to remotely login to their PCs back in their offices, extract or send files and run other business processing applications on the PCs right from their Smartphones.

vi) PocketJustice App
PocketJustice is a reference based Smart Phone lawyer app that is used to access transcripts from Supreme Court proceedings. A free version of this App provides access to top 100 constitutional law cases while a premium account provides access to all 600-plus cases.

vii) Black’s Law Dictionary App
Running majorly on iOS, the Black’s Law Dictionary App provides a compilation of over 45000 terminologies and over 3000 quotations. It is also considered to be a worthy piece for law students.

viii) Dropbox App
Dropbox is a well known file saving and sharing App which also finds its application in legal profession. Once a file is saved through this App on a Smartphone, similar copies are automatically saved on Dropbox user account website and PCs back at home or in office.

ix) QuickOffice Pro App for Android and QuickOffice Connect for iPhone
These two Smartphone Apps facilitate access to Microsoft Office tools right from the phone. The attorney can create and edit Microsoft files such as word documents, spreadsheets and power points among others without much ado.

x) Google Reader App
Through this App, an attorney can use an Android based Smartphone to get feeds from various websites and blogs with ease. Some recent improvements have additionally rendered it a good keyword research tool that an attorney can use to increase website hits from clients looking for attorney services.

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Christopher J McCann is an Orange Country DUI & Criminal Defense Attorney. Christopher J. McCann is with the law offices of Christopher J. McCann who was recently awarded his 6th SuperLawyers Magazine “Rising Star” award. You can follow Chris tweets at @cjm_law_firm