Tips On Boosting Your Business By Increasing Your Facebook Fans

Social media has become a vital tool in promoting a business. In fact, businesses that fail to incorporate social media marketing into their campaigns will significantly fall behind their competitors. According to the latest statistics, Facebook has about 1.06 billion active monthly users. Just imagine that huge market that is waiting for your online presence. With the right strategies, you can get a good number of those users to like your page and eventually direct them to your business website. Combine that with great content, amazing products, and convincing sales pitch, then you can convert a good percentage of that to become paying customers.

facebook fansBenefits of Having More Fans in Facebook

Aside from generating traffic to your site, there are other reasons why you should continuously strive to get more fans in your page.

-Easily update previous customers and prospects with new products or services from your company.

-A good social media presence promotes the impression that you are popular, thus, more people will be inclined to join in with the trend.

How to Get Likes on Facebook

There are multiple ways to increase your likes on Facebook. Here are some simple steps you can do to grow your fan base.

-Refer your page to real friends

After forming your page, the next logical step is to get facebook fans from your circle of friends. It is very easy to suggest your page to people you already know and there is a higher probability of them liking your page. You can also ask them to share your page to their friends.

-Place a ‘Facebook Like’ Box in your blog site

If you already have a loyal following in your blog site, then it is time to lead them to your Facebook page by placing a “like” icon in your website. This will help them follow news about updates in your blogs, while at the same time increasing your fan base.

-Socialize in other pages

Follow popular pages or groups and be active in their pages. You can post a link back to your page or site, but be very subtle with this and do this minimally. Seeing your name in their pages is sometimes enough to get their attention and visit your page, especially if you engage regularly with other members.

-Hold a contest

People love contests, even if you are giving away just simple tokens. There is no need to dish out thousands of cash for this. A shirt, mug, or a pair or regular sunglasses for the summer would already tempt a lot of people to join. A good idea is to hold a raffle for every 100 or 500 likes. That will keep those “likes” coming.

-Communicate with your fans

Keep your page active with new posts and updates. Answer questions and encourage your fans to interact. If your fans become too large to handle on your own, then hire someone who can manage the page for you. If you keep your fans happy, they are likely to refer you to their friends.

-Pay to advertise

If you are willing to spend, then, by all means, do so. You can pay Facebook to advertise your page so that it appears on the right side bar of the users’ newsfeed. The great thing about this is you are likely to get likes from people who are really interested in your product or business.

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