The Perfect Solution For Small-to Medium-Sized Limousine And Chartered Car Fleet Operators

During the summer of 2011 Ownersite Technologies released an app for all their website’s subscribers. The app is simply a smartphone browser-friendly version of their website and is something that no car fleet operator should be without. The app is an extremely detailed and comprehensive tool that covers just about any issue car operators will ever have to worry about.

Maintenance and Expenses

This module allows you to keep track of every single vehicle’s service history. This will include in-depth records of fuel expenses, routine maintenance, oil changes, tyre maintenance, any parts or accessories that have been purchased, as well as all payments that have been made. The expenses will be broken down into further subcategories, such as the date and year, the type of expenses and the vendor who completed the required maintenance work.

Service Reminders and Alerts

The reminder module will alert you to over 70 routine service options via emails and on-screen alerts, thus ensuring that you never miss a vehicle service again. You also have the ability to make your own adjustments, such as changing your oil every 3,000 miles, as opposed to another distance. Perhaps you would an annual reminder of emission checks or an alert to get your vehicles ready for winter. Reminders can also be sent to a wide variety of devices, such as your phone, pager or PDA, basically any device that has access to email.

Reporting Tools

The reporting functions are extremely comprehensive. They will not only keep you alerted of the costs of maintenance, but even a reminder of due payments through their trademarked LeaseMinder and LoanMinder systems. You will receive regular statistics about fuel consumption, thus allowing you to compare your fuel economy to a vehicle’s expectations. You even have the facility to check these figures against any other users of the website, therefore seeing how well your fleet performs in comparison to other similar vehicles elsewhere.

There is far more detailed information available and the app is useful for a number of different vehicle operators. The most common will be limousine and car fleet operators, but the app can also used by providers of ambulances and EMS, companies that provide airport parking facilities, providers of computer and network assistance and many other companies that provide vehicles.

Once you sign up with the Ownersite website you can try out the free 60-day trial with no obligation to purchase. The plan will then convert to the paid version, which will depend on the size of your fleet. The cheapest option is for US$59.95 a year and will allow for up to 10 vehicles. The “Diamond” option allows for up to 100 vehicles and will cost US$499.95 a year. Please be aware that the free 60-day trial only allows for records of up to two vehicles.

The app and website also provide specific plans for consumers, credit unions, service providers and even homeowners. This is the perfect way to increase both the safety and reliability of vehicles within your fleet and will allow you to monitor the complete management of your vehicles during their lifetime.

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