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The Innovative Smartphone App That Allows You To Keep Track Of All Your Valuables Whilst They Are In Storage

There are various reasons why you may wish to keep certain valuables in storage – you may be in the process of moving home, you may find that your home has become cluttered with all kinds of objects and your living space has become difficult to actually live in, or you may simply wish to store some items for use at a later date. Whatever the reason, there are many self storage companies that allow you to safely and easily store away your belongings. With that being said, this may not stop you worrying about your valuables and you may wish you could keep a closer eye on them.

SmartStop Self Storage Inventory Tracker

The “SmartStop Self Storage Inventory Tracker” app is the ideal way to keep an eye on your belongings whilst they are in storage. The app allows you to make a complete inventory of what items you have in storage and you can even create virtual labels, thus allowing you to know exactly where a specific item may be. The app not only allows you to keep track of which specific boxes your treasured valuables are in, but you also have access to the SmartStop website, which will provide many more useful features.


  • The app provides you with a QR code scanner. You have the ability to use various QR codes to quickly and easily locate what is inside each particular box. You simply scan the QR code with your smartphone and all the essential information is saved directly to the app. Even if you aren’t particularly happy about using QR codes you can simply keep a record of your belongings and perhaps use the QR feature at a later date.
  • The app is linked directly to the SmartStop website, which allows you to access a wide range of additional features. You have the ability to add or remove items from your storage inventory and even organize them into easy to remember folders and lists.
  • The app can actually be used for any self storage project and there is no requirement to rent storage space from SmartStop. Therefore, if you are putting items into storage with any company this app will still come in extremely handy.


The “SmartStop Self Storage’s Inventory Tracker” app can be found in the Utilities category of iTunes and is completely free to download. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and will require an operating system of iOS 5.1 or later. The most recent update provided a number of compatibility issues ensuring that you can now use the app from a variety of iOS devices.

Putting your valuables or items from your home into storage can be a worrying experience. You know that your belongings are safe with a professional self storage company, but the main headache comes from when you may need something back and you have no idea which particular box it is stored in. This is where the SmartStop app can ease all your worries, as you will immediately know exactly where every item is. Don’t forget there is no reason to use SmartStop’s services in order to use the app, as it will work with any company’s storage facilities.

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