The Electronic Paper making the reading experience much better

Electronic Paper known as Electronic Ink is a display technology that is invented to make the appereance more comfort so that one can easily read the paper. The technology is based on the reflection principle that make the surface more wide to read it. This can be read in direct sunrays and the image don’t appear like a fade image.
This technology is invented by Nick Sheridon in 1970 at Palo Alto research center (Chilin Technology). This technology add high contrast displays with direct sunlight reading capability. The electronic INk is bi-stable so it consumes no power and provide best reading experience. The technology uses both Black and white ink using tiny liquid filled bubbles each representing a pixel on the screen. To bring the desired ink to the surface, electronic charges are applied to the bubble. After that chrage is removed and the ink is visible on the surface without any power. These bubbles are in the size of the pixels and collection of them is used to form text characters and images. To apper the desired color, Positive (For White ink) and negative(For black Ink) charges are used.

How does it work ?

The Electronic Ink covers entire page with cells separations. These cell are pixels that uses black and white ink to display the image or text. Theese cells are connected to micro-electronics in the plastic sheet. Now these microelectronics are used to apply positive (for white ink) or negative (for black ink) charge to create the image and text using micro-capsules. When we apply the charge, the sheet rises to top or bottom. When it moves to top, the white ink is used to create the image or text and when it moves to bottom, then black ink is used for this purpose. The pattern can be created using few words and sentences.

Why Do we need it ?

The E-paper is a need of the generation because it provides :
1. A real like view of the paper
2. Can be read by the mobile phones, computers
3. Zoom in or Zoom out with single mouse click
4. Work with any kind of internet conncetion
5. Work with any browser

Advantage :

1. Portable and Reusable Storage
2. Used by Mobile phone
3. Comfortable to read
4. Reflection of light (power Saving)
5. Clear image with fadding
6. Any time access


1. Very Low Refresh rates
2. Visible of the shadow of the image
3. Implement is tough
4. Need of the power to change the color