The Age Of Information

Staying connected in today’s fast paced environment is absolutely necessary. Whether you work for someone, or you work for yourself, communication is what gets you ahead. No man is an island – a phrase that was coined back before people even imagined the possibility of a mobile communication device. But that is exactly what has materialised. We no longer have an excuse to be isolated in any way in business and in life.

Information has brought us together, and in a way that has allowed us to learn from each other. Not just the important stuff, but also everyday stuff. Knowing if there is a traffic jam on your usual way home is a piece of information that may not alter your way of life, but it will certainly alter your route home before you get stuck in a jam. These are the kind of short lived pieces of information that smartphones can provide. The iPhone’ GPS and maps are filled with information like this. Knowing what deals there are in a store when you walk in can these days be messaged to you as soon as you walk into the shop.

Smartphones offer the opportunity to share information; personal and commercial. This article will look at iPhones and how they can make a positive impact on your lifestyle.

iPhones’ GPS

If you are an out-and-about kind of person, there is one Swiss-army-knife-type device you need, and that is the iPhone. Between its hardware and some of the apps that come for it, the iPhone has become an essential backpacker tool for many. My brother finds all his family walks on apps and he hasn’t ever got lost, yet…

GPS Apps

With the iPhone’s GPS, all you need is the App to go with it. One in particular I like is the one I use when driving. It’s the GPS by TeleNav. It’s free – always a good thing. And it gives you maps to drive with. It also allows you to plot your journey and speaks the turns to you while you drive, so that you’re not fiddling with it as you hurtle down a motorway at 77Mph. It is a great SatNav.

Voice Activated

If you add the GPS function to the Apps available then you realise that the iPhone comes with voice controls, Siri, to be specific. You will then realise that you can work your way through a bunch of apps without even pressing a button. So with your maps, you can tell it what you want, plot a course and listen as it gives you instructions on where to go next. With Wikipedia you can ask Siri to read you information.


A smartphone is an absolute necessity. It’s like taking your laptop with you in your pocket. You carry almost everything with you on it, from banking, and in the future, even electronic cash. Smartphones are becoming more and more sophisticated and integral to our lives.

The only problem is, many people feel the pinch when contemplating buying an iPhone.

Are iPhones too expensive?

The different generations of iPhone have been benchmarks in the continuously increasing standards of mobile phones in the industry. Their original and sleek style, advanced operating systems, functions and applications have set the pattern which other mobile manufacturers have tried to copy. If you look at the latest BlackBerry you will see it looks remarkably like a black iPhone 5. The iPhone 5 was perhaps a disappointment to many in the industry. It did not innovate much on the iPhone 4s. Hopefully the next iPhone will be a belter of a phone.

But if you ask me if the iPhone is over priced I would say that the price is reasonable. There has been an awful lot of R&D that has gone into building the Apple and iPhone series brands.

The question is, if you do not have enough cash to buy one, should you settle for less? The answer is NO. After all, the iPhone is now made available to just about everyone through lots of cheap iPhone deals.

Apple’s selling price

When you buy an iPhone 5 from the Apple online store, you have to pay £529 cash or £25.48 per month for 24 months. The iPhone 4S will cost you £449. Prices are significantly higher than compared to other similar smartphones, which cost only £275 to £440. Many people opt to purchase other brands due to the staggering iPhone price tag, but many continue to silently wish they had an iPhone instead.

Cheap iPhone deals

Today, mobile providers offer cheap iPhone deals to make iPhones available for you.  The latest releases, iPhone 5 and iPhone 4s, are now available at extremely low prices or even for free when you subscribe to their monthly subscription plans. Examples of these mobile providers are O2, Vodafone, EE (T-Mobile, Orange), Three, and Tesco Mobile.

The iPhone 5 can be purchased for as low as £64.99 when you subscribe to T-Mobile’s £26.00 monthly subscription plan, with provision of 300 minutes of calls, unlimited texts, and 1 GB data. The iPhone 4S can even be acquired for free when you subscribe to plans as low as £26.00, with 500 minutes, and unlimited texts and data usage monthly. The terms of these plans vary from provider to provider and from plan to plan, and you should always choose which to purchase based on your needs. There are plenty of other cheap iPhone deals that you can choose. They start from as low as £15.50 per month.

These cheap iPhone deals give you the benefit of integrating your phone payment with your monthly phone line rental charges, thus, cutting your upfront expenses.

Final Note

To cut a long story short, the iPhone is a comprehensive communication device that connects each global inhabitant to form a matrix where information is exchanged and shared. All kinds of experiences are for public consumption, from the latest graphic designs, to the best home remedies for a splitting headache. Our ability to contribute has never been more personal; our ability to seek information has never been more convenient; our ability to navigate everything from data to roads so fun; and our ability to build friendships and find pubs pubs all in a device that slides unceremoniously in our pocket has never been so accessible.

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