Social Media Strategies: How To Prevent Customer Service Breakdown

The most important asset to any business is its customers; for without them it would be hardly possible to make any sales. It is for this reason that various businesses come up with customer service departments to ensure that the customers’ needs and inquiries are well attended to. Besides, it is the obligation of business owners or managers to ensure that the kind of people appointed to the customer service department are qualified professionals who know what it takes to please a customer. Equally, strategies have to be put in place to prevent unnecessary breakdowns. This is particularly where the social media plays a critical role.

Rightfully so, the social media plays an integral role in helping businesses attend to its customers efficiently. In the past, approximately 10 or so years ago, when the social media platform was at its infancy, it was common to find long queues of customers waiting to be served. Today, the situation has changed greatly and it would be hard to find a customer who would be willing to stand for hours in a queue waiting to be attended to unless it is absolutely necessary. Therefore, businesses have no choice but to have an ever-functional customer service if they have to secure their loyalty.

So, how do you prevent a customer service breakdown when using the social media?

Have a power backup plan.

Running a customer service department on social networking platforms such as Facebook and Twitter entirely relies on computer technology which also directly rely on electric power. Everything that could possibly go wrong when you attend to your customers on the social media will go wrong if power fails and you have no backup plan. With the levels of impatience characterizing the average modern customers, they will not sit there waiting for you to solve your power issue and get back online. By the time you sort yourself, they will be long gone probably shopping at another business.

Prompt feedback.

A social media customer service breakdown does not only entail lack of a power backup plan but also failure to efficiently use the platform to your advantage. If your business is quite a busy entity, it would be wise to expect hundreds or even thousands of queries from your customers every single day. It is necessary to let your customer care agents know that they have to be prompt in issuing feedback to customers. The social media is supposed to help customers have their issues attended to almost instantly; that is the difference it should bring to customer service.

Cover a variety of social networks.

You do not have the power to control your customers’ social network preference much as you would determine the number of YouTube hits your video gets. Some of your customers would sign up to Facebook over Twitter or vice versa. Ensure that your customer service covers all the social networks that the customers have signed up with. Failing to do so can equally be termed as a customer service break down.

The social media presents you with an amazing dimension through which you can perfectly serve your customers. It however needs to be utilized effectively for it to yield positive results. It can also be destructive if used wrongly.

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