So You Want To Buy A Motorola Razr?

Motorola has launched a new Razr model that is similar to other models with its sleek, black design. This mobile phone will definitely upgrade your status amongst your friends because of its stylish good looks, and the phone has enough computing capabilities to handle phone calls, messages, voicemail, pictures, video, internet browsing, and scheduling.

The Functions of the Motorola Razr

Motorola believes that there is no need to reinvent the wheel, and when something works you should stick with it. That is why the company has decided to keep things simple and familiar with their phones. Mobile phones users will quickly see that the interface of the V3 model of the Razr mobile is the same as the previous models. The company has only slightly made any significant changes to the design, and this sits well with a lot of global consumers who have come to appreciate the familiarity of the Razr model. Previous Motorola consumers will be able to navigate their phone’s menu easily through the LCD screen. The learning curve is simple and even new users to Motorola will be able to use the phone without becoming frustrated.

Once a user has entered onto the home screen, they can use two keys to be open the menu. This is a unique feature of the Razr that sets it above its competition. The D-pad key and the menu key will grant you access to the main menu. There are also three keys on the phone that can be designated as shortcuts. These three keys are:

  • Side key
  • Direction keys
  • Soft keys

Previous Motorola consumers will also notice that the navigation of this newest model of Razr is very similar to the older models. The left soft key is the main key that will allow users to back up spaces or completely delete characters. Consumers that consistently send text messages will appreciate this feature. The D-pad key shares a duty with the right soft key. They both can be used to start an action on the phone. The only function of the menu key is to allow users to open options that are located on the menu screen.

Mobile phone users will notice that there is little delay when they are trying to access applications, downloads, or the internet. Java is the application that allows users to see downloads on the phone, and most consumers have noted that their wait time between downloads did not exceed 5 seconds.

Consumers who are new to Motorola flip phones will have to take special precautions. You should never close the phone whilst you are using or waiting for an application to load because all data will be lost. The only application that can be used when the phone is closed is the digital camera.

The Extra Features of the Razr

Speaking of cameras, this mobile phone is unique because it does not have an allocated key or button users can press for the camera. A hotkey has to be assigned by the user so they are able to use the camera feature. Once a key has been designated for the camera, the application can load on the phone within 2 seconds.

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