Six Essential Elements A Credible Ecommerce Site Should Have

Traditionally, shopping tends to be a female hobby…. These days however, numerous online stores offering the latest tech gadgets and accessories can keep a man glued to the screen for hours. Due to the huge numbers of individuals now opting to shop online, numerous companies and businesses are setting up their own ecommerce facility to get in on the action and boost their profits. No definitive designs or features can guarantee your online shop a success, however, if an ecommerce site is is missing a few key elements, money can be lost and ROI reduced significantly. Here are some of the aspects it’s essential to incorporate into your ecommerce site strategy:

• Develop a clear logo
Some well-known companies fail to put up their logo clearly when setting up an online shop. A clear logo will act as a business card for both branded stores and startup stores. Many consumers are suspicious of many online shops and it will take some convincing before they purchase anything from the site however, if the consumers are able to recognize your company’s logo immediately when they visit, they will feel more comfortable and perhaps inclined to purchase your product. In general, a catchy and memorable logo can convey an element of trust and be a reassuring symbol if it is backed up by a sound reputation.

• Display deals and special offers on the home page
Consumers normally decide very swiftly, in fact almost immediately in their subconscious whether they like a site or not. Hence, you should aim to catch their attention within seconds of loading up the home page. A great way to do this and capture attention is to display any shopping deals or seasonal offers prominently on your home page. According to psychologists, many shoppers are enticed to buy when they see discounted prices with many also purchasing a product or service simply because it is on discount. It’s also a good idea to offer free shipping to encourage consumers to buy too.

• Display the most popular products and latest news
When you have upcoming events or sales periods that your customers should be aware of, the best place to display such information is on your homepage. Do not make it too tough for consumers to find hot prices and exclusive deals when they are available as frequent visitors to your site especially are likely to want to see any new additions to your inventory. However, they would hate to have to browse through the entire catalog and distinguish the new from the old therefore group the new additions or a link to them in an obvious place on your homepage.

• Login box, search box and shopping cart
The login box, search box and shopping cart are essential to any e-commerce site. It would be pointless to set up an online shop without these three tools visibly placed on all appropriate pages. Experts and successful stores often place them together to help consumers access all of them easily; the login box helps consumers to gain access to the e-commerce site; the search box enables them to find specific items easily and the shopping cart holds all their shopping together and indicates the total. You can use a simple sign such as a basket to show where the shopping cart is placed on the home page and develop others symbols for the other tools.

Twitter Logo• Links out to social media
Researchers now estimate that more than 20% of all purchases online are achieved after browsing through social networking sites. Consumers rely heavily on public opinion when it comes to products and services hence, when they see your products on popular social media sites and how people are responding to them, they are more likely to buy themselves. These sites also enable you to promote your business extensively, and can enable you to identify the most influential and active demographics to target.

• Payment systems
Normally, e-commerce sites deal with consumers from all over the globe. This means the site has to have different types of payment systems to cater to all languages and currencies. It is better to clarify payment options in advance since there may be a technical limitation to a certain payment method; it is also best practice to display the payment methods icons at the top or footer of the homepage for customers to be aware before they shop.

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