Sharpshooter Collection – The Perfect Development Suite for Designers

Technology has ability to make things simpler. Now, developers have number of options to develop innovative products rather than just coding it line by line. Latest tools are available today, with which developers can just create high quality applications with a little bit of logical coding knwledge. Making use of development tools saves your time as well as increases your productivity.

So, where to get these development tools that are specially designed for developers?

Perpetuum Software LLC is one of the well known brands that offer SDK’s (Software Development Kits) that reduces your efforts. They provide commercial development tools that are extremely affordable with easy-to-update features. The SharpShooter Collection is a leading project of Perpetuum Software, and it is very popular in the dev-world. The subscription plans for Perpetuum tools are simple, which will include:

  • Components of.NET platform like SharpShooter Charts, SharpShooter Gauges,  SharpShooter Reports, and SharpShooter OLAP
  • Regular software upgrades, updates, and bug fixes.
  • You get all the latest versions of the products.
  • Free or Premium Technical support. The support system will be dependent on type of plan.

Advantages of SharpShooter Collection

  • C# is used to write all the modules
  • Most of the components include only managed code
  • All products are compatible with .NET Frameworks 2 and above
  • The products are compatible with advanced .NET IDEs such as Delphi.NET, Borland C# Builder, Visual Studio.NET and some other .NET IDEs
  • You can add custom languages easily. It allow you translate the UI to your native language
  • Include full documentation along with number of example tutorials

SharpShooter Reports – Native support of .NET allow developers to build fully featured reports. The generated reports can easily be integrated into Windows format or web format. It gives ability to create unbound and bound reports, along with infinite master-detail connection. Moreover, you can export your newly created reports into a variety of formats and print them any time.

SharpShooter Gauges – It is one of the ultramodern components of SharpShooter collection which is mainly used for creating, KPI’s, digital dashboards, and BI applications in order to monitor critical data in real-time. The tool is bundled with 80+ in built gauges and unique visual control. This handy developer tool helps you edit controls or create controls from the scratch.

SharpShooter OLAP – All the components of SharpShooter OLAP have written in full managed code. This tool allows you to develop, evaluate, and represent the data in OLAP report formats.

SharpShooter Charts – It is a first charting application with pure WYSIWYG framework. This sophisticated data wrapping model offers a number of facilities for designing charts without writing any coeds. It is packed with entire suite of 2D charts. You can also use Chart ModelKit with SharpShooter charts to design your project applications seamlessly.

Perpetuum SharpShooter Collection is an integrated development framework. It is not just a set of different tools. It is an interrelated development platform, where designing has been made much easy with run-time customization features. Managing the database and modifications in applications is much easy with Perpetuum SharpShooter Collection.

This post has been written by Alexsey. I am an apps developer, and have been using Perpetuum UI Controls Suite for some time now. It offers me various features for creating interesting apps without having to do much of coding work. You could check out our website for more information.