Setting Up Your New Blog – Will A Free WordPress Subscription Give You Everything You Need?

There are loads of reasons why you might be considering setting up your own blog. It can be a hobby, a way to gain publicity for your business, a route to making a supplementary income through marketing, or even a way of starting a career as a writer! However, because there are so many different types of blog, and so many different requirements blog owners have, there is no one size fits all approach to blog creation.

If you have been researching blogging or talking to bloggers you know, you are probably already aware that the majority of blogs are created to start with using WordPress, and that WordPress offers a free service you can use. Here we take a look at what free WordPress offers, and why this may not be sufficient for your website’s needs.

Blog Design and Creation

A free WordPress account will offer you some options in terms of designing an attractive, professional looking blog. You’ll be allowed to choose from a number of free themes, which you can customize further by changing fonts and colors to create your own design or match branding with your company or other online assets. There are free themes suitable for all sorts of blogs, including photo gallery style blogs, video based blogs, standard text based blogs and time sensitive calendar style blogs, and there are also some stock images you can use as background pictures or other page elements.

For the majority of people, while they may not fall completely in love with the free themes at first glance, with a bit of work tweaking the design into something unique you can come up with something that will work for your site. However, if you have a very specific design you want to implement, or you want something that looks very high end or has an unusual layout, then the almost endless array of premium themes are where you’ll find it.

Limitations of the Free WordPress Account

As well as restricting you to the basic design themes, which may not be a deal breaker if you prefer a fairly minimalist design anyway (many writers, for example, use quite plain themes because the text is what is important on their sites, and photo bloggers sometimes do the same so a busy design doesn’t detract from the images they post), there are some other limitations to the free WordPress account option that could stop it from being viable for what you want to do.

For one thing, you won’t have your own domain with a WordPress account alone. This means your site’s URL will be within the WordPress group of sites. This can look a bit unprofessional, as most people know this means you’ve set up the site for free and aren’t paying for professional hosting solutions. This isn’t something that anyone will judge you on if it is a personal, non profit site, but if you are using it as your business’ site it can give a bad impression.

Equally, you aren’t allowed to use a free account to post affiliate marketing links, or place any advertising. If you are planning to create a site solely for the purposes of affiliate marketing, your options are either go with premium WordPress, a hosting provider, or try Google Blogger.

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