Rhino Media Group Launches Revolutionary Mobile App

With Canada being the second largest country in the world, there is no wonder about the need for housing. With the economy now a renters market due to stricter lending rules, the number of rentals in Canada has soared over the past year. In order to keep all of the available properties searchable, companies such as Renterspages.com have come to the rescue. The following is a review of the new web app from Rhino Media Group, owners and operators of four of the largest rental property websites in North America (Renterspages.com, PagesDesLocataires.com, RentQuebecApartments.com, and TrouveUnAppart.com). The English version of the app is called ApartmentMapp.com and the French version AppartMapp.com.

About Rhino Media Group:

For almost a decade, Rhino Media Group has changed the way people rent apartments in both Canada and the United States. Its founder came up with the idea for the various websites out of frustration for looking for a property himself. It was only after combining the various features that he was looking for in a property rental website that the various websites operated by Rhino Media Group came to fruition. Since then, the company has become one of the largest rental property websites in North American and in February of this year their site RentersPages.com was named as one of the best rental property websites by Tech & Science.

About The App:

The app is available for both the Apple and Android markets in both English and French and works on both smart phones and tablets. Unfortunately, the app is only currently configured for the Canadian market so those in the United States who currently use the various Rhino Media Group websites will have to wait a little while.

The Review:

First, the best feature of the app is obviously the location services. Once the app is downloaded, you can view apartments located close to your actual location. This makes it easy for those who want to go out looking for apartments close to where they are without going online and making a list of locations they want to visit. If you are moving to a new town or looking for something closer to where you work, simply open the app in that location and it will show you what is available. The GPS services on the app makes your laptop or home computer obsolete. As everyone is using a smart phone today, this app has basically brought the rental market up to speed with technology.

Once you find a listing that you want more information on, simply click the link to be taken to photos, pricing and contact information of the landlord. Another great feature about this app is that you can share what you find with others. If you are in another town and want your spouse to see what you are looking at, simply share through Facebook, Twitter or email the information from the app. Social media and email sharing is implemented into the app to make it easier to share information.

All in all, this is a revolutionary app. You can find similar apps that show you locations and give you a general idea of available properties. However, coupling in the technology of the various Rhino Media Group sites with a simple to use app makes this one on the top of the list for rental property applications.

Brett Johnston is an application reviewer from Australia. He covers reviews for both the Android and Apple iOS and provides some of the best app reviews available on the web.