Reviews On 5 Of The Most Advanced Monitoring Software

Companies use advanced software tools to keep a check on unauthorized internet usage by their employees. Team leaders or mangers cannot possibly monitor all the online activities of their team members. Employees on the other hand tend to take undue advantage of resources that are allotted to them. They visit the websites that are prohibited according to their company policies. Some even use office internet to download videos and pirated software.

There are many software applications that are designed to monitor other systems in a network.

Work examiner Standard:

This software is preferred by most employers, as it comes with various features that can be customized as per the user needs. With this tool, organizations can generate detailed reports on the working hours of their employees.

It is quite easy to install this tool, and it can be handled by anyone, because the user interface is quite simple and well defined. With this program, you can easily track the non-productive activities by your staff during their working hours. The user interface comes with expandable menu that will help you in getting all the required information.

The application comes with different sections like real time tracking, man hours, performance reports, and many others. The menu items are shown on the right side of the screen. You can choose the required options, and click on the button to generate reports. We rate this software to be the best among all the monitoring applications in the market today.

Spy Agent Monitoring Software:

The SpyAgent software is advanced monitoring software, and it has been consistently ranked among the ten best monitoring applications. You can easily track the online activities of your employees, and check the sites that they often visit.

You can easily generate comprehensive reports, which can be used for making critical business decisions. The user interface has well organized navigational functions, which allow you to monitor multiple users simultaneously. You can print screenshots, check login info, do content filtering, or also lock any system if needed.

You can also specify the website URLs that you don’t want your employees to access. You could easily block the websites with porn or gambling content, and even the social network sites. Parents can install it on their personal computers, and block the websites that they don’t wish their children to visit.

WebWatcher’s Smart Camera:

This application is quite different when compared to others. It takes screenshots of monitored systems, which can be used as evidence. The smart camera captures clear pictures of all the websites visited on the monitored system. All the recorded screenshots can be converted to a video playback file as well. This device can record about 1,000 screenshots at a time. If you want extra images, then you will need to pay more.

PC Pandora:

It is one of the good monitoring software to track internet activities at home. It is recommended for parents. You can closely review the history of the web pages visited. You could choose the visible or stealth mode as per your preferences.

Spector Pro:

This software acts like a surveillance tool, and it closely monitors the sites that are being accessed by the employees. The reporting feature of this product is quite good, and it can be easily installed without any assistance.

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