New Tough Phones For 2013

The traditional smart phone is great for businessmen and teenagers. If you’re idea of a great day out is going shopping, then get an iPhone. However, for those of us who are interested in slightly more dangerous pursuits, like rock climbing, caving or even working on a busy building site, a traditional smart phone just isn’t going to cut it. With their glass like screens and delicate touch sensors a regular smartphone is just asking to be broken. Which is why some manufacturers design specially made tough mobile phones. If you have the kind of lifestyle that means an iPhone just isn’t practical, then you might be interested to hear that tough phone provider JCB has just announced three new models for 2013. Want to know more? These are the future of survival phones, so read on to get the details on these three new babies…

The JCB Pro Smart

Obviously, being a JCB phone the Pro Smart is going to be waterproof and dust proof. Plus, it’s IP67 certified, meaning it’s submersible in water up to one metre deep and will function perfectly for a minimum of thirty minutes while it’s down there. It’s an Android phone, running Android 2.3 Gingerbread, which is fairly standard for a phone of this calibre. It runs an 800 MHz processor, so it’s not the fastest things around, but it is reliable. There’s a 5 MP camera, plus another front facing camera too, suitable for video calling. The Micro SD slot lets you pump up the memory to a massive 32 GB, and it all comes with a two year unbreakable guarantee (if you break it, send it back, they’ll be interested to hear how you managed it…).

The Site Master 2

Again, waterproof and dust proof and IP67 certified to water depths of one metre for thirty minutes. The Site Master 2 is built to military specifications, making it one of the toughest mobile phones on the market. It’s one ton pressure tested, so you stepping on it isn’t going to effect it in the slightest, and it’s also two metre drop tested on all sides (including the screen). It comes with a 2 MP camera and is Bluetooth capable. Plus, there’s an in built FM radio (in case you get bored up a mountain…) and a handy torch as well. Complete with the JCB two year unbreakable guarantee.

The Site Master 3G

The second Site Master model is water and dust resistant, but is only IP54 certified (meaning it’s splash proof, but not waterproof). It does again confirm to military specifications, and is one ton pressure tested and two metre drop tested on all sides. It has a 5 MP camera, and is Bluetooth 2.1 equipped. It has the same in built FM radio and torch. The real difference in the Site Master 3G is that it obviously is 3G capable, giving you an extra layer of communicative ability. And, as always, you get the two year JCB unbreakable guarantee, just in case you actually manage to damage the thing.

Phil Turner is crazy about outdoor activities and the use of  tough mobile phones takes the roughness and toughness to new heights with worry-free, hassle-free mobility.