Microsoft Surface Surfs Its Way Onto The Tablet PC Scene

Microsoft Surface is a series of innovative tablet PCs. The Surface RT was introduced to the general public in October 2012, at the same time as Windows 8 hit the shelves. The follow up Surface Pro was released on the 9th of February 2013.

Both models feature exciting and new technology from Microsoft and have raised the bar for tablet PCs.

The Simple Mechanics

 microsoft surface

Surface’s Multi-touch Display Screen

Both the Surface RT and the Surface Pro have 27cm screens with a 16.9 aspect ratio. This allows for multi-directional viewing from practically any angle. It also features scratch resistant and shatter-proof glass


Surface’s Multi-touch Digital Pen


Each unit comes with a beautifully designed digital pen. The technology behind the pen’s design allows for pressure sensitivity of up to one thousand and twenty-four levels. The display is fitted with a electromagnetic field, which allows for the PC tablet to detect the angle of the pen from one inch away. When the pen is in use all other forms of input are suspended.

Surface’s CPU


The CPU on the Surface RT is an ARM CPU and on the newer Surface Pro, Microsoft employed Intel using the Core i5 processor. Unfortunately, only the Pro edition has the Windows 8 operating system pre-installed, which allows for installation of third party computer programming.

Surface’s Keyboard


The keyboard for this extremely well-designed PC tablet is attached via a magnetic strip. Two types of keyboards are available on both models. The first is a pressure-sensitive keyboard which means there are no raised keys. Therefore the keyboard is thinner and lighter. The second model contains actual keys and looks and functions the same way as a normal QWERTY keyboard.

Both keyboards can be folded up against the tablet to act as a screen protector and also for ease of transportation.


Growing Pains

As with any new product on the market, the Surface has had its share of issues. One problem related to a split in the cover, revealing the inner wiring. Microsoft acknowledged the defect and replaced the defective models for free.

There have also been reported issues with audio with some customers reporting that it kept cutting in and out. Wi-Fi connectivity came to light as well and Microsoft has agreed to fix the problem. The stylus pen has has its ups and down too. Many users have reported that it stops working randomly and doesn’t work with certain applications. Microsoft has indicated awareness of this shortfall and is working on a fix.

Where there’s Smoke…


…there’s always fire. For Microsoft the smoke was the slightly misleading advertising concerning the storage space on both Surface models. The RT model comes with 64 GB and the Pro model with  128 GB. However, the fire erupted when customers realised that only 29 GB of the RT model and

89 GB of the Pro version is usable for installing new applications and storing data.

Why? Because the Microsoft proprietary operating software, recovery data and applications on both Surfaces takes up the rest of the space.

In spite of the shortfalls, the series of Surface tablet PCs is made up of pretty well-designed and innovative stuff. The units and structured to give the user that other-worldly feel whilst surfing the internet or simply sending an email.

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