Major Issues in Samsung Galaxy S3

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is definitely one of the top smartphones of 2013. In spite of owning this title, many users are complaining about some flaws in the Galaxy S3. Samsung had already addressed some of these issues but some users of Samsung Galaxy S3 are still complaining about these problems. In this article we’ll take a closer look at the top problems in Samsung Galaxy S3.

Battery Problems
It is the major problem with Samsung Galaxy S3. Many users have complaints about the battery life of this device. According to them the smartphone uses considerable amount of battery even in the standby mode. Samsung had addressed this issue already and it had been revealed that it is the problem associated with the indicator, as the drain value was wrongly set at 34mA in place of 3.4mA in the framework-res.apk file. Because of this miscalculation or error, the discrepancy of 50 to 70% in the consumption of battery is shown. Since the problem has been addressed already users can get rid of this problem by simply updating the power_profile.xml file while is available in the framework-res package.

Some users also find problem in Galaxy S3 with the charging. The battery is not charged while the smartphone is plugged into the socket in some cases.

Wi-Fi Connection
Next problem faced by the users of Samsung Galaxy S3 is associated with the Wi-Fi connection of the device. Many users have complaints that they are unable to connect to the Wi-Fi networks either at work or home. Even it is connected it will last for a very short time period. Many believe that the problem is in the Wi-Fi connectivity of the handset rather than the issues in connection. Samsung hasn’t yet addressed this problem related with the Wi-Fi connectivity in Galaxy S3.

Overheating is another major issue in Galaxy S3. One of the users of Galaxy S3 stated that the smartphone exploded because of overheating and even displayed the pictures wherein the lower section of the smartphone was burnt. Many other users stated that the overheating in the Galaxy S3 finally leads the device to freeze or shut off completely. The company had looked into this issue and they had released a statement regarding this problem.

Microphone and Audio Issues
It is hard to have a conversation in phone if you are unable to hear another person or they can’t hear you. Some early users of Galaxy S3 reported issues with the microphone of the Galaxy S3 and they found that the strength of the signal was dropping instantly after the calls. A total loss of audio and problem in the function of speakerphone has been reported in some cases. In order to fix this problem a firmware update was offered by the Samsung. So you won’t experience these problems anymore. If you are, then it could be down to the noise reduction feature, a setting, or blockage. If there is something stuck on the bottom edge of the microphone, then clean it very carefully and the problem may be resolved.

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