html webpage creation

Learn webpage design – Your First HTML Page

html webpage creation

To start a web business you should and you must have a business website of your own.

Building a web site and webpage design is not too difficult.If you have an idea that web page building is the area of hard-core programmers , you are wrong!!!. I have built this site with my own hands . So if I can manage to do it, YOU can do it too.

A General Idea of HTML:

HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language.It is more like a formatting language rather than a programming language.The basic elements used in an HTML document ( a webpage i.e.) are Tags.Basically, Tags are formatting elements enclosed in “<” and “/>” and often come in opening and closing pairs.

This tags are central to HTML, which is afterall a system of marking up text. As for example, text that should appear in bold is preceded with opening tag <B> and closing tag </B>. Like wise, Italic text is surrounded with <I> and </I> tags.

Next time you are looking at a webpage, select View -> Source in your browser. You will see that the document is broken down into a header followed by the main body of the page.Within the header, is information about the page itself such as default page color, text and links. The body contains actual information marked with tags that instruct the browser how to display the text.

A simple page might look like this :



<TITLE> My Web page</TITLE>

<meta name=”keywords” content=”A,B,C,D”>



Welcome to my web page… blah blah blah….



I think you have noticed that a new line is there between head section-“<metaname=..>”. This meta name is not important for web page as a whole but have immense importance if you want to submit your page to search engines and want to have a good ranking. I shall discuss this in details in my Promote section

You will find a good basic idea of HTML here

Buy a good book on HTML if you seriously want to build your own website.There are many in the market..don’t go for a costly one.