Is WordPress Any Good For Video And Photographic Blogs?

The concept of a ‘blog’ has changed a lot since its inception. When blogging was born, it was a short form term for ‘web logging’, and blogs were essentially online diaries or journals where people would chronicle their days and thoughts for anybody who was interested to read. Sometimes they would be related to a given job or lifestyle, but often they were just the work of normal people talking about their lives. These days, there are blogs about all kinds of themes, in fact, there are blogs about just about every conceivable subject. There are also blogs with all kinds of different media, and some blogs have very little by way of text content at all.

Why WordPress is the Go To Solution for Bloggers

WordPress is the most commonly used blogging platform, followed by Google’s Blogger. It is so popular because there is a free version that offers hosting on WordPress’s own domain, along with basic web page building features, along with a premium paid version which is geared more toward people who want a more comprehensive solution or to monetize their blogs. It is easy to use, highly customizable, and allows just about anyone who can use the web to put together a good looking website quickly, meaning you can create the blog in a matter of minutes and get straight on to posting your content. The basic themes you can use without the Premium version are professional looking enough for a standard blog, and you can add your own header images and tweak the color palettes and fonts to make your site unique.

WordPress also have a very easy to use content management system that lets you do things like schedule when posts should go live and moderate comments people make on your blog posts. There are also a wide variety of third party plug ins for WordPress, many of which are free, that you can use to make your site work with social networks or to analyze visitor stats.

WordPress has long been the go to solution for people who want to create traditional blogs, that is, blogs that are largely text based with the odd embedded photo or video, but is it as good if you want to create what is basically an image gallery or a video blog?

WordPress for Photo and Video Bloggers

If you want to set up photo based or video blogs, the good news is that WordPress is now just as geared toward this kind of content as text. Using the right themes and tagging your videos or pictures well will give your site a good structure where people can either view them by subject or by date posted.

The real key to using WordPress for these kinds of blogs is to make sure you understand where and how to tag your content, as without text, this is what will be used by searches.

So, if you want to start a new blog, no matter what it is going to be about or what kind of media you want on there, check out WordPress and you can get started right away!

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