How To Find The Right SEO Company For You

There have been numerous articles on the subject of finding the best SEO company for you, whether it be a strong dedicated service or a quicker more cost-effective SEO firm, but very few of them seem to have real substance to them. In order to understand which SEO company is right for you, you should understand the differences and nuances between them which will in turn help you make the right choice.

The Problem With SEO

The main problem with SEO today is that it on numerous occasions fails to deliver what it says it will to the client. There are many stories of firms who have taken money to do very little, if anything, or worse yet, have even damaged the reputation of the company they are supposed to be marketing. So that you can effectively choose which SEO company is right for you, here are few pointers listed below to help you sort between them.

Choose a Company That You Actually Like

This one may seem quite obvious, but in order to be successful with your online marketing campaign you need to realise that you will be working with the chosen company on a long term basis. Liking the company, and their particular style is essential, since you will be contacting them with regards to what exactly you will be requiring on a regular basis. You should look at all SEO firms as a kind of outsourced marketing team. Make sure the company you choose does all the work and writing in-house, otherwise you’ll likely be overpaying them as they themselves will be outsourcing the work to freelance contractors who will more often than not give you under-par content.

A Good Strategic Fit

Ideally speaking, you want to choose a company that has an excellent understanding of your business. This means, that a good and fairly SEO firm must be able to align themselves to your business strategy and help you reach clearly defined goals. More often than not, you will find some SEO firms jump straight into the deep end and ask you for a rate based on how many keyword articles you want posted on the internet. These are the kinds of SEO firms to avoid as not only will they likely churn out spun, un-interesting content, they will certainly not help you achieve higher rankings in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

More Than Just SEO

Beyond simply optimising your website for the search engines, you want to choose a company that has more to offer than just this. You should look deeper into the firm’s background; find out whether they have a background in marketing or advertising, or anything extra they may be able to bring to the table. A good online marketing campaign today involves a multi-pronged approach, which includes quality blog content, social media (such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+) as well as good keyword optimisation. In fact, keywords are quickly becoming less relevant as search engines such as Google are looking to have the best quality pages on their pages only. In other words, today, quality is far superior to quantity.

All in all, don’t don’t allow yourself to be taken in by the waffle some companies post stating that they can get you to the top of Google within a few weeks. This is all but a lie! A good SEO firm will give you above all things, their time, through which you can create high quality engaging (and of course optimised) content that will make you a real marketing winner.

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This post is from Kev Massey from SixtyMarketing Derby. I have been is the seo and marketing industry since 2002.