How To Become A Hosting Reseller

If you’re looking to earn some extra money and improve your cash flow, then becoming a reseller of hosting services may offer you with a way to do just that. This business can be easy to get into, but as with anything else you may be considering, there are potential disadvantages as well as many benefits.

A big barrier to becoming a web hosting reseller can be not knowing what it is you want to offer customers. This is because there are so many options. But deciding on what to offer will be directly related to the needs of your target audience.

Create a Site

Most reselling experts suggest finding a reliable host for yourself, and then creating the web site for your reselling business. This can be done on your own, or by investing in the services of a professional. Regardless of which method you choose, your site should have all of the elements of a professional web presence, including quality content, clean navigation and a secure means via which customers can pay for your services.

Determine Your Pricing

Most ‘whole’ reseller packages will require that you split them up according to what you want to offer. If having the freedom to set your own package sizes is not a priority, then there are mini packages which may be available and already split up for your convenience.

One thing that too many would-be resellers overlook is the ease of which they can deliver the service. Whichever platform is chosen, ensuring that the control panel is easy to use and understand will make your job as a reseller that much easier.

Client Management and Billing

Most resellers have some kind of system whereby they will bill and manage their client base. Usually, this often-complex process is automated for convenience. Management of clients will include the processing of orders, registration of domains, transfer of accounts and other similar issues that must be dealt with. As with web site design, you may be able to hire a professional individual or service to create this system for you if you wish it to be customized to what you are offering.

Benefits of Being a Reseller

In being a reseller, the cost involved with hosting your own web site can often be reduced. As well, there may be no limit to the money you could potentially make, as most resellers don’t limit the number of domains able to be hosted via any one reseller plan.

The overhead for the web hosting reseller business is very low.

Also, it affords the opportunity to work from home and possibly leave a typical nine to five position elsewhere.

Reseller Disadvantages

The web hosting reseller business is fast-paced and runs around the clock. This could very well mean that you will need to be as on top of things as possible. If your’ dream of working from home involved a leisurely pace, then the reseller web hosting business may not be for you.

Although the number of domains on your reseller plan may be unlimited, things can quickly get out of control if you try and take on too many clients. Even an issue with a single client can negatively affect your business’s reputation, and so the best advice is to start slow until you’ve become more familiar with the time demands of the business.

The reselling business may also require more technical knowledge than you may currently possess. If this is the case, it’s important to acknowledge these areas and be prepared for some kind of help when you need it. This could be a knowledgeable friend or family member, or you may be able to get support from online communities devoted to the business of reseller hosting.

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