Expected Top 10 Programming Languages of Next Century

In the recent times, there has been a rise in the use of the smarter Programming Languages to create different kinds of applications. With technology, a number of advancements have entered into the Programming Languages thus making it easier to write, integrate as per the requirement and with fewer errors. Today the developers are more focused towards the languages, whose interface are user-friendly and offer seamless integration. All these features have contributed towards the development of newer languages which not only accomplish the purpose but are helpful in developing a wide range of simple to complex applications.

In the coming years, the Programming LanguagesPopularity is sure to increase by leaps and bounds with better options coming your way. There are lots of languages which will definitely make a vast change in how codes are written thus opening newer opportunities. In the present scenario, a lot of improvements have been made and in the coming years the technology will grow. Thus it will be important for the developers to stay updated with the latest trends so that they are able to make optimum use of the same.


If you are looking forward to the Programming LanguageList that will be highly popular in the next century, there are:-


  1. JavaScript – The very first Programming Languagesto Learn is the JavaScript. It is one of the very popular choices of the developers because it can be employed to create an appealing front end design that grabs the attention of the people. With its use, you can easily add animations to the pages thus making them dynamic in nature and providing more control as well. Earlier only the front end design was created using the JavaScript but nowadays the developers are also employing it for developing backends as well thus proving to be a great choice for different applications. Around 90% of the websites are created using this platform as it is easy to code and blend it perfectly with the website. Most of the small as well as big companies use JavaScript as one of the designing options owing to the advantages that it offers.ruby
  2. Ruby – Ruby is the next language on our list which is not only simple to learn but implements and execute as well. It is more than a programming language and used like a framework so that some components of your application can work in a faster manner. The best thing about this platform is its simple interface and the attractive style that most of the new languages lack. This is the reason that it is a popular choice for the developers if they wish to come up with something unique. The security aspect of this framework is something that adds extra protection to your application thus making it an ideal choice for the clients too.objective c
  3. Objective C – Though most of us consider it as the basic programming language but it lays the foundation of strong programming skills. Many years ago, C was considered to be a great language but with the advent of time many new platforms came up and C became the secondary choice of the developers. But there is no denial to the fact that it is still one of the most demanded languages of all. The best example of this language is made by Apple whose iPhones and iPads have been designed using this platform only. Thus you can say that it is a great language and has bright prospects in the future as well.php
  4. PHP – It is also a very simple language which has been in use since ages. Most of the small scale companies have been using this platform to create applications for their clients. Most common example of PHP is Facebook which has been created using the same platform. The best feature of this language is that even developers who are not experienced can easily get used to this language while the experienced ones can do wonders with it. The fresher’s can get started with it as soon as possible as you can get used to it in a small time period itself. Even WordPress has been designed with it and that is why it is one of the most used languages of all. Maximum websites that you will come across are developed using PHP owing to its simplicity and the wide range of frameworks that are available for it.python
  5. Python –This is yet another programming language which has been in use since the 1990’s. Python is especially meant for the beginners and works perfectly for them. It is ideal for small applications and features like 3D rendering etc, can be integrated for the best results. If you wish to get started with any programming language this can be a great choice. Once you get familiar with this language it will be easy for you to work on higher technologies and making the expert of this field. The perfect example of this programming language is Instagram which is surely one of the most visited sites of all. Thus you can say that small and big both types of applications can be developed with it.sql
  6. SQL – More popularly known as Structured Query Language is also a superb platform to be used for various applications. If you wish to create an efficient database, this is the ideal language which you can use as it offers numerous benefits you are looking for. There are lots of dialects which are present in this language and can be fully utilized for the best results. Mostly SQL is combined with Oracle so that the right effect can be seen. Places where the database is the key component, SQL is used and works really well with any application. So you can utilize this language to handle your database in a proper way and keep it maintained.c++
  7. C++ – Another very fabulous option open before the developers are C++. As the name implies, it is the C language with extended features and that is why it is called as C++. If you are looking to design and develop higher level application then you have made your right choice. There are many web applications which do not support C and that is why C++ is the language which you can use. The best part is that it is easy to implements and you can overcome the problems encountered while using C for several web applications.c#
  8. 8. C# – Initially this language was designed for the products of Microsoft only but later on it was extended to other applications only. Most of the server-side applications are designed with this platform and that is why it goes well with the big projects. If you wish to learn the Window-oriented Programming Languages then this is the right choice for you. With the passing of years, this language is becoming popular day by day. MSN, Bing etc are some of the websites that have been designed using C# and so you can imagine how popular it is.coffeescript
  9. CoffeeScript – If you wish to try something new, then Coffee Script is the language you can go for. As compared to the JavaScript it does not include much coding and one can easily write and insert codes as per the requirement. Owing to this feature only, it was loved by the developers. Clean coding is something that you will be able to achieve thus making it simpler to read as well. So both the aspects put together to make this is an ideal platform for the web
  10. Java 8 – Java is not a new programming language and is different from the JavaScript. Many people confuse between the two but there are entirely different. As compared to the other platforms, it is quite different. Most of the JAR files that you will come across are created using Java only. If you are familiar with JAVA then it will not be a much problem to get used to it. With a little effort and understanding, you will get used to the fresh features of Java 8 which help you to accomplish the purpose in a successful manner. There are fewer chances of errors and the code is really clean enough to be worth reading. In all, you can say that it is a worth trying programming language as it is different from the rest.

These are the top 10 Programming Languages which are sure to set the future bright of the web applications. Though there has been a lot of transformation in the past few years but in the next century things will definitely become better with codes becoming simpler to read as well as write. Even the problem of bugs will come to an end thereby offering a lot of relief to the developers. Hence on the part of the developers, it will be a good sign as things will improve for them. So we will have to wait and see how things change and the prospects of growth that will be enjoyed in the coming years.

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