Drupal 8 – The Ultimate New Experience In The Mobile World

Drupal is an open source content management system (CMS) means it is freely available. Drupal code is written in PHP language. The latest version of Drupal called Drupal 7 was released in April 2013 and the new upcoming version of Drupal called Drupal 8 is under development. It will have a lot of advanced features and functionality for different categories such as Layouts, Mobile segment, Web based services, HTML 5 support, Configuration management etc.

Drupal 8 has wide range of features especially the mobile compatibility has attracted the attention of many users around the world. The latest version Drupal 8 will be more dedicated to serve the mobile platform as the technology around the globe is growing with the use of latest smart phones and gadgets.

Drupal is used worldwide nowadays as a back end system for variety of websites ranging from business sector websites, personal website or blogs, government or political websites to other corporate websites.

drupal-mobileDrupal supports Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL and other databases. Drupal runs on different platforms such as Windows, Linux, MAC etc. It includes all the basic features required for any content management system such as user account creation and their maintenance, managing different menus, customization of page with layouts, RSS feeds, Multi site support, Blogs and forum support, advanced search facility etc.

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Advanced features and functionality in Drupal 8

  • IImproved color combination, contrast and color intensity
  • Easy to use drag and drop feature
  • By default label additions for forms which can be filled up
  • Skip navigation to be added to the Drupal 8 themes

Benefits of using Drupal 8

1. Focus shift

Drupal 8 has put forward an excellent step to match with the emerging technology. They have changed their target from the front view devices to hand-held devices. In simple words, they have shifted their focus from desktops or laptops to smart phones, tablets and other hand-held gadgets.

Drupal 7 had some issues related to the support of certain websites on mobile phones. The features such as better overlay, module shortcuts, contextual links etc were not fully available in Drupal 7 so it was losing popularity among the Content management systems. The development of Drupal 8 is said to overcome all these problems.

2. Improved and enhanced responsiveness

Responsiveness has become a common term among the content management systems. Designers have become smart and intelligent to integrate responsiveness in the CMS default settings. Drupal 8 ensures that all the themes which come by default provide the best responsiveness to the client. Drupal 8 developers have also solved the problem of multiple device compatibility with a strong focus on mobile segment.

3. Better speed

Speed of websites has always been a big problematic factor for most designers and developers around the world. People who visit the websites may not like the website just due to its slow speed. Search engines have also started pushing the slow speed sites backward as it takes high loading time.

In the present generation of ever changing mobile and network technologies, speed is the most important factor to be taken care of. Drupal 8 developers are working to speed up the website speed as much as possible to give the users best browsing and viewing experience. Other features such as JavaScript performance level speed, page analysis speed and the most important, speeding up the download speed to attract maximum users. Drupal 8 is set to meet all these requirements.

Drupal developers have given an open invitation to all the developers worldwide to help them improve their development, design and testing of the new version of Drupal content management system. Drupal community organize regular meetings and the people can get involved in the discussion regarding Drupal 8 and provide their valuable suggestions on how to improve the features and functionality in Drupal 8 version. Drupal community has given September 2013 as the expected release date for Drupal 8.


Looking at the above features and benefits, we can say that Drupal 8 has started a completely new era in the mobile sector technologies. Their main focus is on mobile support, better HTML5 and improved Multi-language features.

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