Choosing The Right CMS For Your Website?

When choosing to have a website developed, there are a few options that you should really think about. If you are an inexperienced user, your CMS system or Content Management System is going to either make your life easier or make things difficult. The content management system is your websites’ backend, this is where you will do your editing and really have control of the content that you put on or take off of the site.

A site that functions well and gives you the ability to add what you want opens many doors, but a website CMS that is not confusing and allows you to do what you want can really be a gateway to running a good business.

If you are already a website owner, you may not have a CMS system, if you do not you will either have someone employed to update the website for you, or you’ll have minor experience in HTML editing so that you can add your own news entries. A CMS system pretty much negated the need for this as you can easily add content without any knowledge of HTML through menus and easy to use interfaces.

So What Is The Best CMS To Use?

There are lots of different CMS systems around, here is a list of the most well known:-


Initially a blogging platform, word press had the ability for huge customisation. With modifiable themes and plug-ins, the system evolved into a very customisable website CMS system. Infact, word press is one of the most popular CMS systems on the planet. There are thousands of themes and plug-ins that you can download for Word-press that can completely change it’s abilities. You can turn your word-press website into a social media website, e-commerce shop, forum or whatever you want.

The only problem with Word-press is that it is a great all-rounder, but the master of none.


Joomla is a content management system used by professionals all over the world. Large companies such as citibank use it for back-end networks and it has a lot of flexibility. Joomla has a long history of development, and now has over 150,000 users and people that contribute.

Joomla still has lots of custimisation, but theme wise it just no compete with word-press. There are some great themes, and companies can create their own customisable templates.

Joomla is a great CMS system, but I would say that not the easiest to use for a first time CMS user.

Expression Engine

Not as well known as the other two mentioned in this article, The ExpressionEngine is a commercial and open-source CMS System. There a loads of websites built on this CMS and the website has a showcase of some brilliantly designed websites. In the showcase, you can see some great company sites and some brilliant designs.

Although ExpressionEngine doesn’t have the sheer amount of plugins/themes/add-ons. Their collection of add-ons are very helpful and they have all that you would really need.

So there you have a good list of CMS systems available to you today. Ask yourself which of these CMS systems will be right for you.

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