Build a dynamic website , From domain registration to website building

The website creation was a toughest job in past years  but now it has become easier due the quick coding development  . This is because of the reusable libraries and classes that are offered through most of the programming languages in the form of frameworks and also through content management systems .



Choosing a domain is always a important factor in website development.  The domain you choose should be related to your main concept of the website . The domain also should be understandable by the users so they will have the domain name in their memory and will return to the site .  The domain name  will also play a important role in search engine optimization .


For choosing a good domain you can use some sites like :

These sites provide you suggestions on domain names . They also show the domain names available, on auctions and backorder . If  you  didn’t find the domain name you wanted , then  these sites will show the available domains with related meaning.

There are a large number of unrestricted domains among which the .com, .net and .org are widely used domain extentions .

And you can buy these domains in domain registeration websites or on hosting sites itself . Today most of the hosting sites provide the facility to register your domain . Or you can also register a domain in one cheap domain registering site and host it on another cheap hosting site  depending on your budget  . I have registered my website on my hosting site bluehost itself .


Before building a website you should confirm the basic purpose the website is to be used . If  the main purpose of the website is for blog then you can go with content management systems like wordpress, drupal, Joomla etc. Even the webhosting companies provide these facilities . Or if you want the website to be used to handle large amount of datas or for gaming etc with users online presence then you can use the frameworks like Django, Zend, Rails etc . Which will make your work easier on a hard task .

Here I will explain how to build a website using wordpress .  Most of the web hosting companies will have 1 click wordpress installation icons or there will be app installaers like softaculous app installers which will enable you to install the wordpress easily into your hosting location public_html.  For manual installation you can download the wordpress software from wordpress site  . And can upload via cpanel or through FTP clients like filezilla  . Extract the .rar file and you can follow the process from here for manual installation of wordpress .

I have installed the wordpress using the 1 click installation method .

Use the installation button there to install the wordpress .
wordpress installation

And then  choose the location where the wordpress should be installed .


After installing you can login to your  account using .  And then given the relevant user name and password given during registeration to login. Now when you load the url you have registered it will be live . If you feel that the theme of wordpress is not good then you can change the theme also . There are lots of free and preimium themes available . Use the post link to post your contents to the live site . By this way you can register a domain and create your own website .