Best 5 IPhone Stock Market Apps

The dawn of the iPhone ‘age’ has completely revolutionized mobile technology and along with it all aspects of our lives. Not even the stock market has been spared; there are hundreds of Apps to help you master the tricks and trends of the stock market.

As much as you may require the expertise of financial advisors, these Apps also offer you a chance to improve your investment returns. Here are the best 5 iPhone stock markets Apps;


This App gives you more than you bargained for – you’ll be updated on all the fresh and relevant news related to the stock market. Track your stock portfolios right t the palm of your hands. You can also use the App to browse through quotes and graphs of the stocks, indices, bonds, forex, commodities and futures you are interested in. The charts are easy to understand and help you analyze trends of the world markets. The Bloomberg App is a must-have App for smart and intelligent investors.

Fantasy Stock

The prospect of investing in the stock market is very intimidating to most people. This may probably the reason as to why most shy from it. The inherent risks in the market are enough to make you hair gray prematurely. Thanks to the ingenuity of the brains behind the Fantasy Stock App, you can now virtually trade in the stock market. The App allows you to virtually buy actual stocks and see how they fare. The App is best suited for people who would love to invest in the stock market but are not ready to do so now. It’s never late to learn tricks and trends of the stock market, is it?

iphone stock market appsEvernote

As most financial advisors will say; if you want to be successful, you’ll have to keep track of all transactions and market activity. As a matter of fact, the Evernote iPhone stock market App is specifically designed to help you sync all your computers, iPads, iPhones and iDevices so that the next big thing doesn’t catch you off guard. The App is excellent for taking photos, text, audio and any other kind of notes related to the stock market. It’s one of the best note-taking Apps and the better part is that it comes for free.

E*TRADE Mobile Pro

If you wish to start buying stocks, it is highly recommended that you enlist in the service of the E*TRADE Mobile Pro App. This App makes it possible for you to follow syocks and make purchases right at the palm of your hands. In the stocks market, timing is important. With the E*TRADE Mobile Pro App, you’ll never miss on anything! The App is also free.

GainLoss Calculator

Making it big in the financial and stock market goes beyond timing; there is also another factor that comes into play – weighing potential gains/losses. The GainLoss Calculator App will help you see the big picture. With the App, it is possible to estimate how much your investments will gain or lose in some scenarios.

Thanks to these Apps and many more, you can now understand how the stock markets work!

John is a keen iphone application fan and has a great knowledge of the financial markets, which results in him being a fan when these two topics are combined.