A Look At The World’s Smallest Guns

Does the idea of fitting an entire gun in the palm of your hand seem too enticing to pass up? Does the idea of firing miniature bullets from a miniature gun get you fired up with adrenaline? If so, you are probably fantasizing about some of the world’s smallest guns and hauling them to the local range on, well, your keychain! Some of the smallest guns manufactured run in size from several inches to a mere two inches. One of these guns is so small that it has to be assembled by Swiss watchmakers. The precision construction and low fire power come with a cost in the thousands of dollars. If it’s novelty you’re after, miniature guns have it, but for functionality you’re better suited with a regulation sized piece.

.09 Caliber Swiss Minigun

This is a collectors gun that measures in at just over 2 inches at a whole 0.7 ounces and is considered to be the smallest guns in the world. It is a miniature double action six shot revolver that comes with 2.34 millimeter cartridges. It’s price tag of $6,705 will most likely keep you dreaming about sporting this seemingly toy revolver. There are only about 100 made per year, but the scarcity is due in large part to it’s price. It’s also not available for import into the U.S due to it’s non-regulation ATF size since the barrel is less than 3 inches long.

Doubler Tap .45-Caliber

While this pistol doesn’t come quite as small as the Swiss Minigun, at 5.5’’ long and 3.9’’ tall this pistol is one of the smallest live ammunition guns available. Manufactured by Heizer Defense, the Double Tap carries two bullets in the barrels and two extra in the gun handle. The 12-ounce aluminum version runs $500 while a $730 titanium version will certainly up the street aesthetics–that is if you can keep track of the thing. This gun is the smallest .45 caliber around.

Berloque Pistol

These miniscule guns have been manufactured since 1905 by Gerhard Gobharter Gmbh and are more novelty than deadly weapon. Measuring 2 centimeters by 4 centimeters this gun is positively tiny. The Berloque pistol can shoot blanks or colorful flares and are best appreciated for their precision engineering than their blast capabilities. This gun comes complete with a keychain ring so you can easily carry it around with your keys, lose it, or even shoot yourself. With that said, practicing proper gun safety is always a good idea.

Selbstlade Pistole

This pistol is less than 3 inches and is regarded as the world’s smallest single action semi-automatic pistol. The barrel is 1.25 inches and  can be loaded with 5 rounds in a detachable magazine. This pistol was manufactured at the turn of the 20th Century and quickly lost popularity after World War I. During the late 19th and early 20th Centuries, small guns were very popular for novelty and protection. Of course, performance was not optimal in miniature pistols, so these fell out of favor for use as pieces of protection.

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