A Framework concretizes the management

Drupal is an open source content management system. Content management system is a specialized methodology that manages the content for the web. No knowledge of HTML is required for content management system. Drupal is written and developed in PHP. Drupal is a free content management system. Drupal is widely distributed by the General Public License of GNU. Drupal has claimed its popularity worldwide in the private sectors as well as government sectors. Drupal is backing up as a back end system almost 3% of the websites worldwide. MySQL database is used for the running of Drupal. It runs almost all the computing system capable of running PHP.

Drupal content management system provides a professional quality interface for the designers and developers though it does not require any professional training and programming skill to develop a webpage. Free drupal templates are also available with the content management system. There are thousands of templates. Templates are designed default. Designed templates reduce the effort and save quality time. Time effective drupal templates allow the worker to increase the amount of work done on a single day. These are the basic criteria makes the business choose drupal content management system as an essential part.

Drupal content management system came into market in the year 2001. It has got multiple versions. Versions are upgraded on every step depending on the need to reach near the perfection. The core features provided by drupal are:

  • Statistic access
  • Searching advancement
  • Books, blogs, forum, polls and comments
  • URL description
  • Menu system of multi level
  • Support for multi site
  • Multi user application
  • Support for OpenID
  • RSS feed aggregator
  • Update notification
  • Password security
  • Restriction control for multi access
  • Tools of work flow

Free drupal templates are stored default. Drupal templates are capable containing various theme and color combination. The daily advancement of drupal content management system does not allow people to realize the importance of HTML coding.  Another opinion is very popular about drupal that it is not a content management system but a content management framework known as CMF. But the most votes goes with system.

Along with drupal there are many more popular content management system like joomla, amny, wordpress etc. But among all of them drupal has signed its position with all the features that make it so essential for the content management. Drupal have shown the world that how to manage a huge content without any trouble and by very small frame of time. Many companies have trusted drupal for their excellent works and said without any doubt that drupal is the best content management system. The customization option has created a big buzz for drupal.

A website created by using drupal can be used as a discussion forum easily. A forum where the users can update their view and the followers can give their feedback to the user. A healthy discussion can be useful always. This is a very important part for being drupal essential and popular.