5 Things to remember before building an iPhone App

If you think that apps are for big brands only, then you are wrong. These days many midsize businesses and startups are also following the trend of building their app, just because of the fact that a mobile friendly website is not enough for their offerings in terms of services and products. Thus, having an app finds itself in the marketing strategy aimed at brand promotion.

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Now with a majority of users falling in the iPhone category, it is undeniable that you should have an app especially for the segment. When looking for a reliable iPhone Application Development Company, there are some things that as a brand you need to know beforehand to give you an upper hand when drafting an honest timeline.

Here are some questions that you will have to answer before you start working on the way to launch an app –

1. How much it will cost?


Former CEO of AppVee and AndroidApps, Alex Ahlund after doing survey of 96 mobile app developers, wrote an article on TechCrunch mentioning that it costs $6,453 for developing an app. Developing a “small app” can cost around $3000 – $8000 while more complex apps can cost around $50,000 to $150,000 according to another article. You may find this expensive but if we see,an average US developer charges around $100 for an hour, which means that a complex app that takes time will be a much more expensive.

So, you should have a clear budget before you start with the planning.

2. How to write the itunes description?

After developing your app one of the most important part is app store optimization which includes – keywords, app icon, and description that makes your app a stand out utility. While drafting your description, figure out these 4 question about your app –

  • What does your app do?
  • What problem does yourapp solve?
  • What is unique about your app?
  • Why should someone download your app for that particular solution?


  1. What’s the best way to test your app?

Getting an unreleased app onto your friend’s iPhones isn’t the best solution for this, you can use a program called ‘TestFlight’ to test your apps, which makes it very easy to send build updates to registered devices, over the air.
4.How much you should charge?

Let’s consider the starting near about $1.99 per download, while the price is a bit on a higher side but let’s not forget about those 30% that apple is taking, and you can always cut down the price later. Apple takes a minimum of 30 to 45 days to send you the app revenue, apart from that they only sends you the money if it is at least $150. So you may have to wait for your first profit.

  1. What happens when your app comes in the featured apps list?

Apart from that happy feeling of success, the featured apps receives much more number of hits than the other thousands of apps in the app store. It not just increases the number of downloads but also boosts your revenue.

Apart from all this you can make seasonal strategies to achieve the desired result,example you can also cut down your price and offer discounts on different festive occasions to earn good number of downloads before setting back the same price.


Mohd Faizan is working as a Social Media Executive for ChromeInfotech, a leading application development company, globally. He fell in love with cricket at the age of 7, he’s also a gadget freak, who cannot survive a day without his laptop and phone. Along with gaming, music and traveling are his other interests.