android programming

5 Essential things to know about android programming

android programmingAndroid is a Linux based operating system designed mostly for touch screen mobiles.  Android is developed by Google which releases the code under the apache license. To know how to create an android app  or to know  android you have to concentrate  on 5 essential things which are given below:
1) To become an android developer you must have to know java. Without the basic concepts of java , you can’t go far in android programming.
2) Secondly see some beginners tutorials related to android programming which helps you to give some fundamental concepts on android programming.
3) Take some concepts on other object oriented language that will make you interested about android programming and also helps you to develop your skills.
4) For android “” provides the best resources to start. Here you can find your every answer about android.
5) Last of all, you have to take help from the internet resources to understand the methods (A method why it is used, when it is used , the purpose of using) .
If you follow these steps, you can develop your career or you can be a good developer on android.