10 Things That May Go Extinct In USA

New technology and processes are rendering many things useless. For example, we no longer snail mail letters to friends, we email them; we don’t read the yellow pages, we check online listing directories; etc. Here is a list of 10 such things that are marked for extinction.

1. Movie Rental Stores


Online movie renting is picking up while physical movie lending is dying. Blockbuster has shut down many stores and many small video mom-and-pop video stores are flopping gradually.

2. Answering Machines


Mobile phones, online answering machine software, and mobile apps that double up as answering and recording machines are gradually replacing the physical and plastic-y answering device. In fact, cellular phones are even replacing landlines and so it logically follows that the number of answering devices will get phased out eventually.

3. VCRs


Ever seen or held a video cassette lately? The answer would be a resounding “No,” or an “Ewww.” Today, movie downloads have taken over the business and even digital video recorders are struggling to survive. Perhaps you should start collecting VHS cassettes for their forthcoming antique value.

4. Camera Film and Polaroid


Camera film is as good as out. Digital cameras pack in huge-capacity hard drives and come equipped with superior technology that is user-friendly. Users no longer have to change films, develop them and then store them in physical albums or whatever. Photographers get what they see in their camera’s screen and all they have to do is click and then transfer the picture to their computer.

5. Incandescent Bulbs


Incandescent bulbs are energy-inefficient. They convert just 15% of the electricity into light and waste the rest and are therefore rightfully being replaced by CFLs and LEDs.

6. Ham Radio


Though there’s a lot of noise about ham radios going extinct thanks to the Internet and cell phones, the fact is that ham radio hobbyists have become innovative and have changed the hobby around. For example, they have discovered that adding a few dollars worth of equipment can help them communicate with satellites! Likewise, ham operators are also playing around with digital mode communications and Packet Radio BBS that can be used to communicate in an emergency.

7. The Milkman


People buy 1-gallon milk containers from supermarkets. The milk is processed such that it lasts for a longer time. Plus, refrigerators have gotten more efficient. These three factors are responsible for almost finishing off the American milkman and his quart bottles.

8. Redheads


There was a lot of blah in the recent past that redheads would go extinct by 2050 because the recessive gene that causes hair to become red was on its way out. Turns out that this is a wrong assumption. Though the recessive gene may become rarer, it will not die out. This means America will have fewer redheads, nothing more.

9. Drive-In Theaters

drive-iIn theaters

In 1950, there were about 4,000 drive-in theaters in USA. Today, there are just 356 left (use this image: http://www.drive-ins.com/stats.htm/year=1969 ). The last drive-in theater was built in 2004. Guess it’s time to watch a movie on the tablet.

10. Personal Computers


Who wants a bulky and clunky desktop these days when a sleek and portable laptop or notebook can work as effectively? And, some folks use tablets all the time. It’s therefore logical that the PC usage will continue to fall till it dies out.

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David A. Munson of El Paso, TX, is a techie who believes that the future lies in online computing and cloud based services.